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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Often labelled 'the world’s most renewable material’ and the fastest growing woody plant in the world, bamboo is a great choice for building, furniture, homewares and flooring. It is naturally anti-bacterial, water resistant, extremely durable and good-looking to boot! Technically a grass, the bamboo tree grows in abundance across the globe, absorbing five times more carbon dioxide and producing 35% more oxygen than a similar group of trees. To thrive like this, bamboo requires no pesticides, and little water so it's a super choice for a more sustainable home.

Looking for a steer as to where to go for bamboo homewares? Here's a few of my personal faves (no affiliation here - just products and brands I like!)

1. Natural bamboo sofa £675 - ROSE & GREY 2. Jar with lid Glass/Bamboo £4.75 - IKEA 3. The Beautiful Bamboo Toothbrush £4 - ECO BEAU 4. Bamboo Shelving Unit £77 - MAISONS DU MONDE 5. Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp £40 - IKEA 6. Natural Bamboo Folding Wardrobe £40 - FUTON COMPANY 7. Pink & White Tumblers with Bamboo Straw £16.78 for 2 - MAISONS DU MONDE 8. Lene Bjerre Mandisa Dining Table £319 - HOUSEOLOGY 9. Liewood Bamboo Tableware Cat Blush £23.95 - SCANDIBORN

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