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Hey there good people

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Greetings Interior Lovers! After many years of friends and clients asking how I manage to find so many homeware bargains, I decided it's time to share some secrets. I am, unapologetically, a savage bargain hunter and love nothing more than snaffling myself or my clients a great deal!

Since becoming a parent I am growing increasingly more conscious of the impact of my design choices on the planet (and my pocket) and I believe there are people out there like me who want their house to look cool, be practical and comfortable without costing the Earth. This blog is not about shopping at flea markets or buying cardboard furniture, it's a forum for sharing stylish, affordable interior inspiration and product reviews curated with sustainability and practicality in mind.

So, if "luxe for less" and being a bit greener is your thing, then hopefully you'll enjoy the blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Anna x

PS. This is a personal blog. All thoughts are my own and I am not paid for reviews.

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